SWF 1504

SWF/A-UK 1502/04/06/08

Four Head, 15 Needles

*1000 stitches per minute
* Extra-large sewing field
(500 x 450mm / 19.7 x 17.73"))
* Automatic oiling system
* Automatic thread trimmer
* Integrated 3.5" floppy disc reader
* 500,000 Stitch Memory Capacity
*Upgrade Memory to 2 million stitches
* 220v single-phase power
*Rotary Thread Sensors
*Pre-Sew Design Trace (Box & Optimal)
*Auto Design Recovery AFter Power Failure
*Solid low vibration frame
*Float forward or backward through design
*Stitch filtering allows smooth running work
*Automatic Offset for Applique & Emblems
*Automatic Design Repetition for Emblems
*Automatically tests systems and sensors

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