HS C12N Automatic label attaching

Automatic attaching of labels with free programmable, electronic
high-speed lockstitch bartack machine Juki LK-1900ASS.

Highest possible productivity of up to 30 labels per minute due to
the new high-speed lockstitch bartack machines Juki LK-1900ASS
and Mitsubishi PLK E03BT and the proven automatic label dispenser

Automatic cutting to length, cutting, feeding, positioning of the label under
the sewing clamp and attaching with predefined bartack program

High flexibility because of easy change to different label sizes, quick
adjustment of simple to folded labels and if required special seam


HS 800-4B-S label dispenser with fast moving-arm
High speed loading system: Patent Pending !

HS 800-4E-S label dispenser, including the kit with
holding clamp etc. :
The label is under the garment, i.e. label attaching from
the bottom

UST : ultrasonic cutting of labels
HST : thermal sealing cutting system (new version)

The special fold "Manhattan fold" on top label edge is now available in different versions according to customer's requirements. For example:

The top label edge is tucked in additionally to give a soft
finish for an agreeable wearing comfort.

Ironing system for a flat edge on loop labels
During the automatic sewing cycle and attaching of labels from a roll,
the label formed to a loop is ironed for a very flat appearance.

Automatic double label dispenser with HS 800-4B

HS 800-7 automatic attaching of hanger loops

Twisting mechanism for attaching the label on the folded edge

MC40B main control with internal and external memory

Printer for printing sizes or other variable information onto the label

Sewing clamp for label widths of more than 25 mm

HS 1022-K crank pedestal instead of HS 1001 Z frame with castors:
height adjustment by handle for an ergonomic standing or sitting operation

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