Schmetz offers the most comprehensive product range in the world. We have tailored it to meet your requirements, meaning that this catalogue provides the answer to many of your demands, wishes and problems: the question as to the type of material or which special type of stitch you wish to process leads you to one of our 10 segments. In turn, each segment guides you towards the right needle for you. All the relevant information for placing an order is summarised in the ordering information of the respective segment.

If you're not satisfied with your sewing results, the Schmetz Application Team finds out which needle best suits your requirements.

Our recommendations and sample needles are based on the expert knowledge available in our company, our connections with research institutions around the world, the latest measuring instruments and two centuries of experience.

But they are also based on the information you give us. The more detailed your answers on the enclosed questionnaire, the better we are able to help you.

Is the system code of your needle incomprehensible? The Schmetz Application Team can identify these needles for you.

The dynamic development and individual demands of our industry repeatedly demand custom-made products or the modification of existing needles. The Schmetz Application Team also provides competent support during development and realisation in these cases.

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