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HS C12N Automatic label attaching

Automatic attaching of labels with free programmable, electronic high-speed
lockstitch bartack machine Juki LK-1900ASS.

  • Highest possible productivity of up to 30 labels
    per minute due to the new
    high-speed lockstitch bartack machines
    Juki LK-1900ASS and
    Mitsubishi PLK E03BT and the proven automatic label dispenser from SCHIPS AG

  • Automatic cutting to length, cutting, feeding, positioning of the label under
    the sewing clamp and attaching with predefined bartack program

  • High flexibility because of easy change to different label sizes, quick adjustment of simple to folded labels and if required special seam pattern


  • HS 800-4B-S label dispenser with fast moving-arm
    High speed loading system: Patent Pending !

  • HS 800-4E-S label dispenser, including the kit with
    holding clamp etc. : The label is under the garment, i.e. label attaching from the bottom

  • UST : ultrasonic cutting of labels

  • HST : thermal sealing cutting system
    ( new version )

  • The special fold "Manhattan fold" on top label edge
    is now available in different versions according to
    customer's requirements.

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